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Hello! My name is Wendy Marchant Kammermann, and I chose to raise animals on pasture here in California because like many of you, I was concerned about where our food was coming from. Very importantly, we are raising animals free from GMO, soy and corn. We do things holistically, and with the outmost conscience and care.

Before I started Harvest Gathering Farm in late 2015, I had managed Farmers Markets here in Southern California and owned a Farmers Market in East Ventura, I called “The Harvest Gathering Farmers Market”. I named it that because I love the idea of bringing a community together to enjoy the local bounty and harvest of our farmers. It is now the ongoing “East Ventura Farmers Market” that my friend and I opened in 2012.

I have 4 children, and have had many health challenges, so we made some changes and are continually healing through food. Everyone that works with me at Harvest Gathering Farm are my friends and family. I find that those ‘gathered” people in my life support me the most, have my back and are passionate about my purpose.

Currently we are blessed to share space at a couple farms to pasture raise our animals till we save enough to have our own farm. For now, this co-op farm sharing is working great! We have the best people helping us and we are so grateful to continue to learn from incredibly experienced farmers. Our animals live in orchards with moveable shelters and solar powered electric fencing. We move them after they've eaten the bugs and greens along with fertilizing the orchards naturally with their manure. Because the soil isn't rich enough here in California, we supplement them with left over produce from the farmers markets and a feed from Freedom Feeds, which is a no GMO, no corn, no soy feed.  I have the best people helping me, including a incredibly intuitive farmer from Argentina, Jeronimo Alonso-Brown. I call him the farm whisperer!

After I started the business, I found out through a Kammermann family member on my mom’s side of the family that the Kammermann’s raised livestock in the late 1800's in Guiggesburg, Switzerland!!! They pasture raised their animals on the rolling hills on their farm property and migrated to Forrest Illinois in the early 1900's to open a butcher shop called, Kammermann Brothers Butcher shop. I immediately felt a connection and after going through many hard times in my business since I started, this really helped me gather the courage to continue. I am blessed with many others whom you have met that are helping me at the farmers markets. Thank you for supporting me, I try to make myself available to my customers if I can, personally. Many Blessings from my Harvest Gathering Family to yours!


Wendy, Francisco, Cole, Rachael, Heather, Gabrielle, Shane, Delaney, Alyanna, Brendon, Savannah, Jake, 

We feel it an honor to nourish you and your families !

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