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Please read all: 

This is the basic CSA membership tier for customers spending under $600 per month, which includes Harvest gathering farm meats, eggs, breads. 
New local organic farm fresh produce Tier will be added soon so you can purchase with your meat deliveries as a one stop box of all the goodies that you need for your meals for the week.

This year you get a plastic CSA membership card you need to show every time at the farmers market in order to get your CSA discount. If you place an order online, we will give you the discount code to use for this year.

Since I started my business I’ve had my CSA membership program. I only open it once a year for a few weeks for enrollment. There is only 50 spots available each year.
please do not pay online for your membership. You can add your membership on to your order and pay at pick up. Please pay separately for CSA as a check, cash or Venmo. Our sales team will give you our sign up form, receipt and CSA membership card. 
Supporting your local farmer helps in many ways.
This year your $175 will go towards fixing a few animal equipment on the farm and updating other items to continue the business. Last year we had to get a new van, and new canopies as well  

Your membership benefits; you get 10% off year-round on all of your purchases with the exception of holiday meats. Also I have CSA boxes that are monthly, that will supply you with your basic Meat needs to store in your freezer for the month. These boxes are a 15 % off savings, but do not get an additional 10 % off. (These boxes will start in January) You will be able to pick these up at delivery locations or at our farmers markets. Another fun benefit of being a CSA member, is you have access to ME! You will personally have my text number to text and ask any questions or request special items or just checking in on me, 😂 . And guess what? I’m a really quick responsive text messager! Ask any of my customers! My CSA members love this benefit because they get access to the very top. As a consumer myself of many different businesses over the years one of my biggest frustration is not being able to talk to a manager or owner about a problem or something specific I’d like to see. So this is why I incorporated this. I feel it’s incredibly important to maintain an ongoing relationship with my customers. I always want to hear feedback, of course I love praise, pictures of their creations with my products, and an ongoing friendship. 

*$175 yearly membership that starts in December and goes that whole year till December. 
no credits, refunds, or prorated rate 
No discounts on CSA membership